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It's Business Time

A simple python utility for calculating business time aware timedeltas between two datetimes

Earlier this week we released businesstime, a simple python library for doing math with datetimes that’s aware of weekends, holidays and business hours. We’re using it to more accurately calculate shipping costs for tickets listed on SeatGeek.

Here’s a quick demo of how it works:

>>> datetime(2013, 12, 26, 5) - datetime(2013, 12, 23, 12)
datetime.timedelta(2, 61200)
>>> bt = businesstime.BusinessTime(holidays=businesstime.USFederalHolidays())
>>> bt.businesstimedelta(datetime(2013, 12, 23, 12), datetime(2013, 12, 26, 5))
datetime.timedelta(1, 18000)

You can grab it on pypi or checkout the code on github. We hope you find it useful!