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Celebrating Valentine's Day Late with Some iPad Love

Back in December, we released an epic update to our iOS app that featured tons of big additions and improvements for iPhones. But this time, it’s all about the iPad.*

This is much more than just a quick catch-up release. We took stock of all the additions from v2.0 for iPhone, and thought holistically about what the ideal experience for each one would be like on a tablet. So, iPad users, sorry about the wait. But we think you’ll find that it was well worth it.

* Well, technically it’s not all about the iPad. We also made a few UI tweaks to the iPhone app, and added a “Recent Search” list to both apps so you don’t have to keep typing the same things over and over again. Anyway, the rest of this blog post is focused on big, new iPad features.

Demo time

Like gifs? Great! Here’s one:

iPad demo gif

If that was too fast for you, we’ve also got a few higher-res screenshots that you can inspect more closely down below. But to really get the best feel for the new app, we’d strongly suggest installing it now →

Logging In

Now that you can log in (you couldn’t before), we can remember things for you – like artists, teams, and events that you’re tracking. Later, when you’re logged in to SeatGeek somewhere else like on your laptop or your iPhone, you’ll have access to all the same preferences.

You can log in with a SeatGeek account or a Facebook account. (One nice thing about Facebook accounts is that we can help you automatically track performers for you if you’ve already liked them on FB.)

Log-in modal screenshot


As noted above, you can now track artists, teams, and events right in the app. Tracked items are easily accessible in your new My Events and My Performers screens. We’ll even send you reminders when new shows are announced or when a tracked event is approaching. Plus, now that we know a bit more about what you like, our event recommendations for you will get better and better.

Here’s what the My Performers screen looks like:

My Performers screen

To track an event, just tap the heart in the corner of any event screen:

Event view with heart

What! JT’s coming to town?!

Push notification screenshot

Redesigned Home Screen

We thought to ourselves why bother making an update if you can’t tell the difference right away? So we also added some new hotness to the home screen:

New home screen

Tapping the Explore area near the bottom lets you browse all upcoming events near you:

New explore view

Go get it

Now that you know what’s in store for you, all that’s left is to hit the App Store to make sure you’re running the latest version.

As always, we hope you like it and will let us know if you find bugs or have any cool ideas.