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FanSnap is Now Part of SeatGeek

We’re thrilled to announce that we have acquired FanSnap from its parent company, Wize Commerce, and have integrated it into

A Bit of History

When we started SeatGeek in 2009, FanSnap’s incumbency cast quite a shadow on us. They were two years old at that point, with a formidable team, an impressive set of advisors, and more than $15 million in venture financing. We had an idea and a couple of laptops.

Then, as now, we had great respect for the FanSnap team and what they built. FanSnap helped make ticket search a thing. They introduced users to the benefit of seeing multiple ticket sellers on the same screen, showing just how often the secondary market can have the best deal for any game or show.

In the years since, we assembled an incredible team and built what we hope you’ll agree is the best event and ticket site on the web. When we were given the opportunity to purchase FanSnap—a company with a nearly identical mission to ours—we jumped at the opportunity.

For FanSnap Users: The Transition

We’ll be sunsetting the FanSnap website and redirecting all FanSnap pages to analogous pages on SeatGeek. For example, now directs to So any bookmarks you have will work automatically, and any FanSnap links you find floating around the web will seamlessly take you to the correct page on SeatGeek. Merging FanSnap into SeatGeek lets us remain laser-focused on giving everyone the best experience on a single website rather than splitting our efforts across two sites.

We think loyal FanSnap users formerly unacquainted with SeatGeek will be pleasantly surprised by their new home. All the tickets available on FanSnap (and a few that aren’t) are also available here. Plus, we’ve got some extra stuff for you:

  • See exactly where you’ll sit with our beautiful interactive maps for over 3,000 venues
  • Get the best bang-for-your-buck with Deal Score™, our rating system that tells you which tickets give you the best experience for the least money
  • Find out when your favorite bands announce shows by tracking performers on SeatGeek
  • Get event recommendations tailored to your personal tastes
  • Search for tickets on your phone with our native iOS and Android apps

For SeatGeek Users

If you are a SeatGeek user, you will have the same experience today that you had yesterday. As time goes on, we’ll be able to use FanSnap’s data and technology to improve the experience for everyone. In the meantime, you won’t notice any changes.

What’s Next

Lest you worry, nobody over here is resting on laurels. We’ve got some huge stuff in store for you in 2014, all aimed at making it simpler, cheaper, and more fun to discover events and buy tickets. Stay tuned.