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Cross-Event Search

Cross-Event Search header

Today we’re excited to announce the public launch of Cross-Event Search, a new feature that helps users find the best tickets across multiple events at once.

Suppose you live in NYC and want to see what all the Book of Mormon hype is about. You want to go to whatever upcoming show is cheapest. With Cross-Event Search you can see the listings for all future performances (over 400 events!) in a single UI. Here’s the live page for that search.

The ability to search for & compare tickets for more than one event at once is not only a SeatGeek first, but also – to our knowledge – a ticketing first.

When to use it

Cross-Event Search comes in handy when you have more than one chance to see an event and – rather than pick solely by date – you prefer to choose based on which event has the lowest price, the closest seats, or the best deal.

The basic formula is: one performer + one venue + multiple events.

In addition to the Book of Mormon example above, here are a few more common use cases:

  • Home games: The Giants’ season is underway and you want to take advantage of some nice San Francisco weather and a 9-game home stand with a group of friends. You don’t care who they’re playing — you just want to get into the park and have plenty of money left over for beer & hotdogs. This page compares all Giants’ home games in the first two weeks in June.
  • Back-to-back concerts: Jay-Z has graced your local arena with multiple nights of concerts. Tickets originally sold out in minutes, but you’re sure there must be at least one show on SeatGeek with a great deal.

How to use it

To start Cross-Event Searching, visit any performer page on SeatGeek and click the Compare Events button. (This will work for any major sports team, music artist, theater show, etc.)

Step 1

Check the boxes next to the events that you want to include in your ticket search, and click the green Compare N Events button. (You’ll also be able to change your selections on the next page.)

Step 2

Next you’ll be taken to a regular-looking SeatGeek event page, where the venue map & sidebar will be populated with ticket listings from all your selected events.

Deal Scores for each event are indexed to the same scale, so you can browse for tickets just as you would normally. In other words, an 89 on one night is still a better deal than a 79 on another night. (See also: Absolute Deal Score.)

Step 3

To adjust which events are included in your search, click the Comparing tickets for… button at the top of your event page and check or uncheck boxes next to a few more events.

Step 4

Finally live

As many patient SG feature-requesters can attest, Cross-Event Search has been a long time coming. Historically, our underlying software was not structured to support queries like this. But that changed in June 2013 with a first place-winning SeatGeek hackathon project named “Sandcrab,” which paved the way for Cross-Event Search.

We’re pumped to release this feature into the wild. As with everything we build, please, please hit us up with feedback.