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Earlier this week Apple released a major upgrade to Messages as part of iOS 10. In addition to being able to send different styles of texts and respond to messages with reactions, iOS 10 also allows developers to create app extensions that let users interact with apps directly within Messages. Going to live events is an incredibly social activity, making iMessage Apps and SeatGeek a perfect match.

Looking for a fun event to go to tonight? Want to send your friend an extra ticket at the last minute? No problem, the SeatGeek iMessage App allows you to easily share events and send tickets to friends, all without leaving your conversation.

Sharing Events

Our iMessage app makes it easy to browse and share events with your friends. By default, we suggest popular events in your area. If you’re a regular SeatGeek user, we suggest events you’re tracking and upcoming events by your favorite performers:

You can also search for any event you have in mind:

Sending Tickets

In addition to sharing events, our iMessage app allows you to quickly send tickets to your friends. All you need to do is tap “Send Tickets” and you will be shown tickets for all upcoming events you’ve purchased on SeatGeek. Tapping on an individual ticket will then send it to your friend. No more waiting at the gate for your friend that is perpetually late.

Find More Fun

We hope our iMessage app makes it easier to see more live events with your friends. Try it out yourself by downloading it on the App Store!

Help Us Make More Experiences

If you think these kinds of things are interesting, consider working with us on the iOS team at SeatGeek. Or, if you’re not an iOS Engineer, we have other openings as well!