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What the SeatGeek R&B Star Devs Listen to While Programming

programming music at turntablefm

Devs are gonna dev. Coders gonna code. But they aren’t going to write blog posts, which is why I am here…except here, here, here, and here. Aight so they do some content work, but I can’t complain at all because they MAKE SeatGeek what it is. I just monkey market.

Programmers tend to prefer house, techo, electro, dub, metal, but let’s take a look at what music our actual developers are listening to on a day-to-day basis. In addition, I have aggregated some of the top threads from around the web at Reddit, HackerNews and other programmer hot spots and provided links to those at the bottom.

Best Music to Code to - SeatGeek Edition

Adam Cohen - of Bitcoin discussion fame and other musings

Who: Jamiroquai Genre: Funk/acid jazz Why: Driving beats, fast tempo, keeps you awake. All songs kind of sound the same. Want a soundtrack that blends together. Best Song to Program to:

Michael D’Auria of homemade brew fame

Who: all hip hop Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop Why: 1. High energy 2. Bobbing heads = mad lines of code 3. 5 Milkshakes Best Song to Program to (explicit):

Jose Diaz-Gonzalez, of Cake PHP fame

Who: The Mars Volta Genre: Psychedelic rock/free jazz (not sure what that means) Why: Many, many, many loud and obnoxious drums that I use to set the pace. Pisses off everyone around me, thereby making me a happier person as I suck the fun out of the air. Also, lots of variety, so I can work to various tempos and beats Best Song to Program to:


Eric Waller, The Fame

Who: Genre: various Why: You’re not gonna not Best Song to Program to:

Best Music to Program To - Answers Around the Web




BONUS:This is what we partied to at the last SeatGeek party

Which you can find on Grooveshark here.

What do you listen to while programming? Does our dev team have it all wrong? Let us know on Twitter.